Canon New Zealand was established in 1991, though Canon products have been available in the country for almost four decades. The company employs around 270 people in 13 locations throughout New Zealand. Canon New Zealand is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon Australia, which in turn is owned by Canon Incorporated, one of the world's top 70 companies.

Canon's business is solutions. While we are one of the only major manufacturers in the world to design, manufacture, market, finance and support all of our own technology, we really have only one focus; and that is your needs. Canon produces high-quality cameras, printers, copiers, scanners, faxes, multifunctional devices, digital diaries, calculators, imaging systems, information management technology, sophisticated software, videoconferencing systems, data projectors, digital document recorders, camcorders, consumables and solar energy technology. Few companies have such a base from which to provide much needed integrated solutions.

Providing integrated solutions that enable our customers to achieve ever greater levels of efficiency in their business motivates everything we do. It is an essential part of the Canon philosophy; your success is our success.

The need for integrated solutions is a fact of life in our technological age. As new technologies allow business to generate and accumulate information at an accelerating rate, businesses have to find new ways to control and manage the information. The market is now demanding a convergence of the digital technologies which will enable the different information flows to be integrated.

Few companies worldwide could match Canon's capability to provide the right responses to this challenge. Canon reinvests more that 7 percent of total sales revenue in research and development every year and for the past decade it has been one of the top six companies registering patents in the United States. It is rated as one of the five most innovative companies in the world.

Canon NZ invests heavily in its own people and systems to ensure to ensure that you enjoy the very highest standards of service and support in identifying, acquiring and managing the integrated solutions your company needs. Furthermore, a direct working relationship with Canon Inc. in Japan allows New Zealand companies greater input into product development, a major benefit in a country that takes to new technologies so rapidly.

In short, this means that all the expertise, efficiency and innovative flair of one of the world's leaders in technology derive their momentum from a commitment to you. It is in seeking to provide the integrated solutions that will make your business more rewarding that Canon finds the inspiration for its own on-going achievements.