Clendons has provided legal advice to many professional photographers and NZIPP members over the years. Our commitment to the visual arts extends to our role as official solicitors for several leading societies and organisations representing leading New Zealand creatives. 


We value our long-standing relationship with NZIPP, and we are delighted to continue our support of NZIPP through sponsorship.  Our sponsorship provides legal services and continuing professional development to both NZIPP and its members.


As part of our sponsorship commitment to NZIPP, Clendons are pleased to provide free 15-minute consultations to NZIPP members on legal issues.  Consultations are provided by senior legal professionals with experience in advising photographers and visual artists (note: consultations must be pre-arranged through the NZIPP Office – please contact the NZIPP Administration Officer on


In addition to our specialist visual arts and intellectual property practice, Clendons has provided legal and strategic advice to NZIPP members on a variety of relevant legal issues including joint venture and commercial projects, contracts and terms of trade, dispute resolution, employment law, e-commerce and trade practices. If your business requires efficient and effective legal services, we are available to discuss.


We are delighted to have renewed our sponsorship of NZIPP for three years from August 2012.  Please feel free to visit our website to view our specialist practice areas, access our resource library and view recent publications on topical legal issues affecting visual artists.