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 Help Page - Find a Photographer

To find a NZIPP qualified photographer anywhere in New Zealand please follow the steps detailed below.

  1. Click on the Find a Photographer Find a Photographer link or menu item to go to the Find a Photographer page.
  2. Select a Region or City or leave on the default "Any".
  3. Select any number of NZIPP Qualifications. These are the three main areas of the industry that an NZIPP member can become qualified in.
  4. Select any number of specialities.
  5. Select an NZIPP Distinction. These distinctions are recognised across the world as a benchmark of excellence. The Qualified Distinction is achieved through a peer assessment, whilst the Associate, Master, Fellow, and Grand Master Distinctions are the four levels of distinction earned at the annual NZIPP Iris Awards.
  6. Click the Search Icon and the NZIPP website will find all photographers who fulfil the search criteria selected above.
  7. By clicking on the Sort By dropdown list you can sort the Find a Photographer results by the photographers First or Last Name, Company Name, Region or City.
  8. Photographers who have an online gallery loaded will have a View Gallery View Gallery icon to the right of their name. Click on this icon to see full details of the photographer and a sample of their work.
  9. If you do not find what you are looking click the New Search icon to take you back to the start of the search process.

To return to the previous page please the click the back arrow on your internet browser.


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