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As a member of the NZIPP you have the support, networking opportunities, camaraderie of your peers within your industry. It also adds credibility for clients that you are a NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer.


You will belong to an institute that represents all areas of professional photography in New Zealand, and through our focus on business, education, advice, and a wide range of membership benefits we will help you improve the success and vitality of your business.


In this competitive and unregulated industry, the NZIPP logo stands out to the public showing them that you have been assessed to a business standard and that you follow the NZIPP Code of Ethics and Terms and Conditions.  





The NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer sets our members apart from other photographers, ensuring that our members are professional in the true sense of the word. NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographers are entitled to use the NZIPP Accredited logo on business cards, advertising, signage, vehicles, websites, and company stationery.








NZIPP distinctions are recognised across the world as a benchmark of excellence. There are four levels of distinctions that are earned by merit points from the NZ Iris Professional Photography Awards:

Associate, ANZIPP

Master, MNZIPP

Fellow, FNZIPP

Grand Master, GMNZIPP

The Grand Master distinction, GMNZIPP, is the highest distinction awarded and as at 1 January 2016 there are only seven people to attain this level.  Becoming a GMNZIPP, requires the photographer to demonstrate an exceptional standard of creative ability and superior communication and usually takes many years to achieve.





Packed with news, feature articles and all things NZIPP.  Our members are featured in Member Profiles, What's in your Bag, Special interest articles, Regional Updates throughout PRO Report eMagazine and distributed throughout our social media network.  NZIPP Accredited Professional members also receive a complimentary listing on our Find A Photographer site showcasing your portfolio and links directly to the member's website.






Connect with a vibrant, supportive and encouraging community to share ideas, sharpen your skills and be part of the next generation of photographers.  Associate with the best, enhance your marketing profile and celebrate the excellence of New Zealand Professional Photography. Regional meetings discuss techniques, new products and equipment, industry issues, suppliers, seminars, workshops, showcasing of photographers and networking opportunities.


Members have access to a wide range of industry best practice forms, contracts and documents. These have been written by legal specialists and can save photographers considerable legal costs setting up their own documents.


Connect with one of our regional groups or join our Iris Q&A facebook group where you can learn all about the NZ Iris Professional Photography Awards





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