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The NZIPP Honours Council comprises of not less than four and not more than six NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer members of the Institute who are appointed by the NZIPP Board.


The NZIPP Honours Council is responsible for managing the annual NZ Iris Professional Photography Awards, NZIPP Honours Distinctions and the NZIPP Honours made by the Institute.  NZIPP distinctions are recognised across the world as a benchmark of excellence.


There are four levels of distinctions that are earned by merit points from the NZ Iris Professional Photography Awards:

Associate, ANZIPP

Master, MNZIPP

Fellow, FNZIPP

Grand Master, GMNZIPP

The Grand Master distinction, GMNZIPP, is the highest distinction awarded and as at 1 January 2016 there are only seven people to attain this level.  Becoming a GMNZIPP, requires the photographer to demonstrate an exceptional standard of creative ability and superior communication and usually takes many years to achieve.



The Honours Council consists of:


Kaye Davis | Chairperson Honours | Accredited Professional Photographer | GMNZIPP

Harry Janssen | Honours Council | Accredited Professional Photographer | GMNZIPP

Shar Devine | Honours Council | Accredited Professional Photographer | FNZIPP

Paul Daly | Honours Council | Accredited Professional Photographer | FNZIPP


       Kaye Davis        |    Harry Janssen   |       Shar Devine          |       Paul Daly

HONOURS CHAIR           HONOURS                HONOURS                 HONOURS

      GMNZIPP                    GMNZIPP                    FNZIPP                       FNZIPP



The NZ Iris Professional Photography Awards are organised by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) and supported by the major sponsor EPSON. These annual awards have been running for more than 30 years and celebrate the excellence of New Zealand’s professional photographers, providing a platform for recognition within the industry and the wider public.


The Iris Awards demonstrate the commitment of the NZIPP to raise the profile of professional photography throughout New Zealand. The Awards provide an annual showcase of cutting edge imagery and creative photographic talent, which, together with the NZIPP conference and industry trade show, form the INFOCUS event.


All entries are judged in an open forum over a three-day period, the best of which are awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze Iris Awards. Everyone who has entered is encouraged to attend the judging to benefit from the educational nature of the critique process. The judging sessions are also open to the public in order to educate, inspire and inform. With strong sponsorship support and media interest, the NZ Professional Iris Photography Awards provide an excellent opportunity for professional photographers to gain widespread exposure for the fruits of their creative labours. 





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