Thursday, 26 March 2015

The following Annual Subscription Fees (inclusive of GST of 15% & Regional Levy if applicable) are charged:



$ 100.00

Emerging Member

$ 150.00

Overseas Member (GST Exempt)

$ 205.00

Provisional Member *

$ 293.25

Employee Member

$ 293.25

Qualified Professional Member **

$ 529.00

Corporate Member

$ 707.25

Education Provider Member

$ 764.75


* Note this fee is discounted from the Qualified Membership fee. The full fee will become due in the 2nd year of membership or on achievement of Qualified Member status which ever occurs first.
** All Provisional, Employee, and Overseas members must also pay for one 'Q' application fee in advance, which will be invoiced after the application has been processed. This fee covers the first 'Q' application. Subsequent applications in the same financial year are subject to an additional payment.




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