The NZIPP Qualification programme (Q certificates) exists to establish a standard of quality in the businesses of the institutes’ members.  It identifies NZIPP members to the public as photographers who have attained a credible quality standard. It is not designed to exclude photographers from the organisation but rather helps to ensure that they are in NZIPP for the right reasons which stem from a commitment to running their businesses in a professional way, with skill and knowledge. This is what separates the NZIPP from associations and groups with no entry restrictions.


A Q certificate is the first step in achieving full NZIPP Accreditation.  At present there are three Q categories; Wedding, Portrait, and Commercial.

  • Members without a Q are required to submit at least once per year until they achieve at least one Q.
  • Q applicants are encouraged to attend Q workshops to assist them through the application process. The Regional Chairs can provide details on the workshop and scheduled dates.
  • Q certificate assessment takes place regularly and dates are published in advance in PROReport and on the NZIPP website.
  • Provisional members are required to apply for a Q in their primary area of work i.e. Wedding, Portrait, or Commercial within their first 12 months of membership.
  • Images created while under instruction are not eligible for inclusion in Q submissions e.g. workshops.
  • Q applicants are required to be existing NZIPP Provisional or Emerging members before submitting for a Q.  The process of joining the NZIPP and becoming a provisonal member can take 4-6 weeks, so applicants are advised to allow plenty of time for completion of this step ahead of their planned Q submission deadline.
  • Please ensure all forms are filled in correctly, and all accompanying documents/disks are supplied. Incomplete Q applications can not be judged, and will be returned to the applicant.
  • Q Submission Judging is scheduled around the existing commitments of Q examiners, who volunteer their time. This process normally takes 4 - 5 weeks from the submission date.

Upon joining the NZIPP all Provisional, Employee, and Overseas members must also pay for one 'Q' application fee in advance, which will be invoiced after the membership application has been processed. This fee covers the 'Q' application in the first year, and is paid whether a Q application is made by the member or not. Each subsequent year a Q application fee is invoiced until a Qualification is achieved. Additional Q applications in the same financial year are subject to an additional payment.


To keep the Q process fair to all members we do require your submission by the due date. Late entries will not be accepted/ OR - judged until the next following submission round.


For any further information please contact info@nzipp.org.nz