The NZIPP Honours Council is responsible for managing the annual NZ Iris Professional Photography Awards, NZIPP Honours Distinctions and the NZIPP Honours presented by the Institute; the Honours Council made up of NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographers appointed by the NZIPP Board.
Kaye Davis

Kaye Davis

Chair of Honours

My proudest moment in the NZIPP came in 2013 when I was awarded Grand Master of Photography, alongside being named NZ Professional Photographer of the Year. This the culmination of years of commitment, to an awards process I am truly passionate about, and years of continuted practice and learning.

Photography and NZIPP are a large part of my life and I’ve loved every step of the journey so far. No value can be placed on the incredible opportunities and amazing friendships gained along the way.

I’m a huge believer in “you get back what you put in to things”. As the current NZIPP Chair of Honours Council and representative on the NZIPP Board I’m hugely honoured to be able to contribute to such an amazing organisation as this and be part of shaping the direction of the organisation and photography in general within New Zealand.

Paul Daly

Paul Daly

Honours Council

Shar Devine

Shar Devine

Honours Council

I am a based located in the heart of Christchurch and  have spent the  majority of my photography career as a wedding photographer and portrait photographer.  I also write and photograph editorial for local publications.

Being a member of NZIPP for more than 20 years continues to be the most  most important influence in my photography career and  I am very proud to have achieved my NZIPP Fellow Distinction in 2017.

When my camera is put away, I am a busy mum,  fabulous wife and expert dog wrangler. When there is a spare moment you can find me rummaging through clothing racks at Op Shops and I never need an excuse to stop for a coffee.

Harry Janssen

Harry Janssen

Honours Council

Harry Janssen is a commercial, portrait, fine art, and landscape photographer, a photographic illustrator and a graphic designer.

He is a natural educator and shares his knowledge and experience.  He is a Grand Master of photography of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) and an NZIPP Honours Council member.

His work received many awards, and this earned him the NZIPP Illustrative Photographer of the year (2016) distinction and  Auckland Regional Photographer of the year (2011, 2017)

“I work with images and designs because, for me, it is a way to express myself, it is who I am”.


The annual NZ Iris Professional Photography Awards have been running since 1983 and offer the opportunity for all professional photographers, in NZ and overseas, to challenge and test themselves amongst their peers, demonstrating their photographic and creative expertise. The Iris Awards take place over a three day period, with prints judged anonymously in front of panels of distinguished national and international judges.

The Iris Awards offer professional photographers a wide range of category options, including ones specifically aimed at in-camera capture through to those allowing extensive use of post-production techniques. Judging panels are made up of five judges who each contribute their own skill set, knowledge and expertise in evindividually determine

whether an entry is worthy of either a Bronze, Silver or Gold status. The judging process is administered by the NZIPP Honours Council to ensure fairness is maintained within the judging process and that rules are adhered to.



NZIPP’s Honours Distinctions are recognised around the world and awarded to NZIPP Accredited Professional Members, as a benchmark of excellence and in recognition for a continued high level of achievement. There are three levels of distinction a member can achieve by earning merit points through the NZ Iris Professional Photography Awards:

Associate, A.NZIPP
Master of Photography, M.NZIPP
Grand Master of Photography, GM.NZIPP

Having attained the Master of Photography level, a member earns merit points towards five sub levels (Master of Photography I, II, III, IV and V) where they are awarded a Gold Bar for each sub-level achieved. After being awarded Master of Photography V (five bars) they move towards being awarded the title of NZIPP Grand Master of Photography.

The Grand Master of Photography distinction (GM.NZIPP) is the highest distinction awarded by the Institute. As at 1 January 2018 only twelve people have attained this level. Becoming a GM.NZIPP requires the photographer demonstrate a sustained and exceptional level of technical, creative and innovative photographic ability over many, many years.

Each Honours Distinction level is denoted by awarding the recipient with a ribbon and gong. Blue for Associate, Red for Master of Photography and White for Grand Master of Photography.



Each year the NZIPP acknowledges and recognises those who have made a significant contribution to the NZIPP Institute and the photographic industry as a whole. These awards consist of:

NZIPP Silver Spool

Presented to a person who has made a contribution to the Institute, but who in normal events may not necessarily be open to other NZIPP Honours.

NZIPP Gold Award

An honour awarded to a member who has given outstanding service to the Institute and its members. This person has usually given long, unselfish service at a national level, with this having had an effect for the good of the Institute.

NZIPP Honorary Member

Awarded to a person distinguished in any of the aesthetic, technical, organisational or productive aspects of photography who has been or may be of material assistance to the Institute or the photographic profession.

NZIPP Honorary Fellow

The Institute’s highest Honour, awarded sparingly, is an honour presented for outstanding contribution to the image of professional photography within either the NZIPP or the community at large.


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