Approximately 4 weeks prior to the Submission Deadline, the respective Accreditation Round will be announced. When you are ready to apply for Accreditation register your intention by completing the online NZIPP Accreditation Application Form. A link for this will be posted in the NZIPP Accreditation Q & A Facebook Group and / or emailed out to those who have expressed interest in submitting for the round.
Membership in the NZIPP Accreditation Q & A Facebook Group is for NZIPP members only.

Payment for accreditation is made on submission.

Accreditation submissions are assessed four times each year, in March, May, August (or September) and November.


Note: Each Accreditation round is limited to a maximum of 10 submissions. This number includes any re-submissions.

As a guide we would expect that members have a vast portfolio to select from when submitting. You would consider getting assessed for the accreditation category after completing at least; 30 weddings OR 30 portraits shoots OR 30 commercial shoots as the lead photographer.