The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP)  is the only qualifying body for professional photographers in New Zealand, and currently has over 350 members across New Zealand covering the divisions of Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photography.

First founded in 1938, the NZIPP is a non-profit Incorporated Society run by professional image-makers. The NZIPP represents the interests of professional photographers across New Zealand on issues relevant to the industry such as copyright, legal and business matters, and technical developments in rapidly changing areas such as digital imaging.


The NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer sets our members apart from other photographers, ensuring that our members are professional in the true sense of the word. NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographers are entitled to use the NZIPP Accredited logo on business cards, advertising, signage, vehicles, websites, and company stationery.


NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographers have been assessed through our accreditation process are bound by the NZIPP Code of Ethics. There are times when you may feel that this Code of Ethics has not been followed and if so please follow the Disputes Process.


The NZIPP Disputes Resolution Procedure has been created to provide complainants with a means to lodge a complaint against an NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer where there has been a breakdown in communication. All complaints are taken seriously, and are handled in an impartial and professional manner by the NZIPP administration team and NZIPP Board.

Please note: the NZIPP is not a legal service and as a result does not and cannot give legal advice or opinion.

  • Check that the professional is a current NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer by searching our Find a Photographer Listings
  • Look for the NZIPP Accredited logo on their business documents or website to confirm that they are a current NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer.
  • IF the professional is an NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer and you wish to advise us of a complaint, please email with full written details of the circumstances.