Dan is an NZIPP Accredited Photographer based in the Otago region of New Zealand’s South Island.



Dan, tell us about yourself.


I’m Dan, and I’m a lucky kind of a guy!

I’m based here in Queenstown, I’m surrounded by pretty much the best backdrop a photographer could wish for. This scenery seems to amplify life … moments of love, appreciation and beauty are more powerful and profound, and it’s my honour to capture couples as they walk together amongst this incredible setting.

Most people say I’m easy-going, and it’s true not much ruffles me. I have more than 10 years’ photography experience under my belt, and in that time, there aren’t many places ‘round here that I haven’t helicoptered or hiked. I’m like your free-range, organic photographer, I like to let things unfold naturally.


How many weddings do you average per year?


I average around 20 per year. This is enough for me because I spread my time with Couples, Families and Corporate clients.


How long have you been a Photographer?


At least 10 years plus working commercially


What do you like most about Photography?


Freedom. I love the freedom it gives me. Freedom to spend time with the family, freedom to live, freedom to express myself, freedom to explore this country


Among your works, which one is your favourite? Why?


Ha, love this question because it is a love/hate favourite. My family. Capturing your own family can be the hardest. Like everyone, you want to leave work at work. I like to put the camera down and BE apart of my family, apart of their lives and not observe it from a camera. Lots of my photos of my kids are when they are chilling, just reading a book or just in their own space. I do love looking back over the years and watching them grow.


Tell us a funny story that has happened on a shoot.


First one is, I forgot to bring my camera to the shoot. Lucky they were late and I had time to dart back home to grab my kit.

And another is I willingly got totally wet during a wedding. I saw a shot I wanted but the problem was the right angle was from the water, so off with my kit and in I got. The groom and groom thought this was the funniest thing and became one of the highlights of the day. I did have wet pants for the rest of the reception but hey… it was worth it.


What piece of advice would you give a beginner photographer?


Finding your niche is often the hardest. It pays to turn off social media distractions and follow you heart. Life has a funny way of directing you. Be true to yourself and your clients and you will find your way.


Why did you join NZIPP?


One day I was asked by Emily Adamson and Jackie Ranken to come along to a meeting and share some work. I saw it as an opportunity to become part of a cool community and share ideas with like minded people and I’m glad I did as I have made lifelong friends from it.


You can follow Dan on social media:

Instagram : 222photographicstudios

Facebook : @222photographicstudios

Pinterest : 222 Photographic Studios