Daniel is a NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer based in the Northland region of New Zealand’s North Island.






Hi Daniel, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

My parents are Irish. I was born in Wales and have lived and worked in New Zealand for 23 years being based in Whangarei. 


Why did you choose to pursue a career as a photographer? 

I finished my degree in Bristol on a Friday in June and started work in London on the following Monday. That’s the way it was in those days. Carlton Studios, I thought I knew it all…then I learnt I knew very little. I got to shoot some cool people playing rock music and at their receptions, I learnt one needs contacts. I headed off to Colombia, with my Nikon F and a couple of lenses where I had no contacts and knew nobody. Three weeks on an old Italian ship, the first stop was Naples,my Nikon F & I loved it. Seeing people and places for the first time with eyes wide open was the best feeling…connection. I had learnt something about myself, I could see and my Nikon F saw it too.





What was the biggest challenge when you started out?  

Having started out so many times, I know it’s loving a blank canvas. New country, new friends & clients who don’t know you exist yet. Each time a wonderful challenge/opportunity with all I have learnt and I still have my Nikon F.


What do you think is your biggest accomplishment? 

Winning NZIPP Travel photographer 2020. Recognition by some pretty amazing photographers AND they saw what I had seen. That’s worth more than anything in my photography career.



BIG Hold at Northport


What kind of clients make up your client base? 

Corporates, Charities, Sport.


What was the best piece of advice you were given starting out? 

Always do your best.


What are your other passions? 

Squash! I love the game and love the banter!



Napolitan Bank 1976, Nikon F, Tri-X


Do you have a bucket list for 2021? 

A book and a clear-out!!!


What 3 words best describe your photography style?

See it…Frame it…Wait


Why did you join NZIPP?

To meet and learn from fellow professionals.