Membership with the NZIPP is about investing in your photographic career and committing to the professional photographic industry.

NZIPP offers members education, fellowship, support and recognition and promotes high professional standards.  NZIPP provides members with an extensive range of tools to assist with running a professional photography business.

Being a member of NZIPP indicates to your clients and peers that your work has attained a credible quality standard as judged by a panel of professional photographers.  As a member of NZIPP you are invited to industry events, have access to mentors, and have the opportunity to be inspired by the best in the industry.



We are deeply saddened to hear of the closure of AIPP, and we can truly understand how devastated the members of the Institute must be feeling.

After many enquiries, the NZIPP Board met on Friday, 12th November 2021 to discuss ways that we can offer our support, and include those who are wanting to join our organisation.

Firstly, the NZIPP Board needs to spend some time working through our Constitution and bylaws. We want to look at how we can offer Australian Photographers the NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer status, and back this up with great member benefits that those photographers can apply in their business. The discussion will also include the NZIPP Iris Awards, and what options might be available to Australian entrants.  We have set a timeframe for this to be completed by 1st March 2022.

What we can offer right now is NZIPP International Affiliate membership to any and all AIPP members. International Affiliate membership is $330NZ per annum, or $29NZ if you would like to pay monthly. Benefits include access to our member resources, join our facebook community, enter the NZIPP Iris Awards at Affiliate member rates, Attend the New Zealand Photography Show at member rates, and applicable business partner discounts. Please complete the membership application form listed in the tabs below, or email membership@nzipp.org.nz if you would like to pay monthly.


It’s easy to join the NZIPP – follow these four simple steps:

  1. Read the Types of Membership to determine your joining option
  2. Read the NZIPP Code of Ethics
  3. Fill out the Membership Application Form
  4. Pay online.

Please note: NZIPP membership is individual and neither transferable nor refundable.

Regional Membership

This is our entry point for those who would like to be involved in their region. This membership is open to all full or part-time photographers from all genres of photography, and where you can become part of the NZIPP community. Regional Membership gives you access to regional events throughout our seven regions, but you pay non member rates to attend national events. As an NZIPP Regional Member you can access our facebook community and build connections amongst your peers. Join as a Regional Member if:

  • You want to be part of the supportive and active NZIPP community
  • You are looking for local support within your region
  • You want to attend regional events but probably won’t enter the Iris Awards or attend national events such as Ilford ExposurePRO
  • You want to grow your photography business
  • You want to help support, develop and protect the profession of photography.

If you are considering becoming an NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer, or may enter the Nikon Iris Awards or attend a National event such as Ilford ExposurePRO, you may like to consider joining NZIPP as an Affiliate Member.

Affiliate Membership

An Affiliate membership is open to new and current members; who may or may not want to work towards accreditation and attend regional and national events such as the Nikon Iris Awards and Ilford ExposurePRO at member rates. Join as an Affiliate Member if:

  • You believe in what the NZIPP stands for within the profession of photography
  • You want to be part of and support the growing NZIPP community
  • You want to enjoy NZIPP Affiliate Member benefits including discounted rates for our national events.


Accredited Membership

Having attained the designation of NZIPP Accredited Professional Member (APM) means you have demonstrated your commitment and capabilities as a professional photographer through the NZIPP Accreditation system. As an NZIPP Accredited Professional:

  • You can make a statement and market your professional status through use of the NZIPP branding
  • You have the support to develop and grow a successful photography business
  • You will enjoy greater member and trade partner benefits and discounts
  • You can offer greater assurance to your clients that they are engaging a true professional, who has met minimum standards within the profession
  • You make a commitment to maintaining your Accredited Professional status through participation in ongoing professional development
  • You can make a difference within the profession of photography, through involvement and advocacy
  • You can earn NZIPP Honours distinctions through the Nikon Iris Awards.

* You may rejoin as an Accredited Professional Member if this falls within a one year period of resigning or your membership expiring. If rejoining after the one year period you will need to join as an Affiliate Member (refer above).

Staff Membership

The first accredited professional photographer pays full price and subsequent accredited professional members working for the same business receive a reduced membership rate

Student Membership

If you are studying photography and/or a related programme, either full or part-time at a recognised New Zealand tertiary institute, joining the NZIPP as a Student Member is the first step towards your career in photography. Membership with the NZIPP provides a great opportunity for you to build networks within the profession and photographic industry.

Code of ethics

General Matters
  1. I agree to be bound by the Constitution* and By-Laws* of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) and abide by the regulations and guidelines of the NZIPP as set down from time to time.
  2. I acknowledge that I am bound by the NZIPP Code of Ethics and recognise the authority of the NZIPP Board in all matters relating to the interpretation and enforcement of this code.
  3. I shall at all times present myself; my photography and my photographic services, in a professional, moral and ethical fashion, and will not bring the NZIPP into disrepute in any way through my association.
  4. I will deal with all users of photography and the public with honesty and integrity. I shall exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence in the discharge of my duties, giving full consideration to the requirements of the client.
  5. I will not use any marketing or unfair competitive practice, which violates any statute or any decision of a court. I will avoid at all times collective actions between fellow professional photographers that conspire to be or are in effect anti-competitive.
  6. I will ensure that I comply with all laws and requirements applicable to my business operation, in particular those relating to Copyright, Environmental, Employment, OSH, Software/Music Licensing, Taxation and those set down in the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Fair Trading Act and the Commerce Commission.
  7. I shall at all times observe the requirements of NZIPP Brand Guidelines* in all promotional activity and shall ensure that advertisements, promotions and other public announcements will not bring the Institute into disrepute. I agree only to use, in conjunction with my name, such designatory letters or other descriptions to which I am entitled.
Market Related Matters
  1. I will ensure that clients are made fully aware of all financial obligations prior to entering a contract or paying for a service. Explanation of these financial obligations will not be misleading or concealing in anyway, and I will not utilise any form of ‘high pressure’ selling tactics to book clients or influence clients to place orders.
  2. In the matter of any dispute with a client or a fellow photographer, I will recognise the arbitrations by the Institute as set out by the By-Law* relating to Complaints.
  3. Observing the NZIPP Standard Terms & Conditions*, I will fulfill all contractual obligations, offer reasonable warranty of products and services, and perform on such warranty without hesitation, where claims are justified. I will ensure that all photography transactions, including the production of wedding albums, does not take more than three months from the date of order, or a firm delivery date be agreed in writing at the contract stage.
  4. I will strive at all times to produce photographic images and/or business services that meet the highest standards of professionalism.
  5. I will advertise and sell the merits of my services and products honestly and undertake only assignments that my firm or I can reasonably expect to complete with professional competence.
  6. If myself or my organisation cannot undertake an assignment, I will refer the client to another suitably qualified photographer who can best fulfill the client’s needs.
  7. I will not commit any acts that will discredit the profession and I will refrain from degrading competitors.
  8. I will not concurrently engage in any business or occupation, which compromises my ability to perform professional image making services.
  9. I shall not offer or accept a photograph for reproduction or accept a reproduction fee in respect of any photograph for which I do not own the copyright, without the express permission of the owner of the copyright.
  10. I will ensure that any matter referring to copyright is clearly visible on contracts, and that reasonable usage rights for the studio be contractually established at the time of the original contract, and that these rights extend to an agreed level of promotion for the studio, including entry into professional competitions and exhibitions.
  11. I acknowledge that every client entering into a contract with an NZIPP member is entitled to receive a copy of the Code of Ethics*.
  12. I will ensure that my business carries appropriate insurance cover.
Member Related Matters
  1. In whatever capacity I am engaged I shall act in a just and faithful manner towards clients, employers and employees; towards others with which my work is connected, and towards other members of the NZIPP.
  2. I will not divulge any confidential information acquired by me during the course of my professional duties to any party.
  3. I understand that if I willfully or knowingly condone, or am party to any act perpetrated by others, which contravenes this Code of Ethics, then I shall be as equally responsible as if I had committed such a breach on my own account.
  4. I will be responsible for the conduct and performance of any person employed or sub-contracted by me.
Educational Matters
  1. I will actively support and where possible assist in the education of all interested persons and the general public in the art and science of professional photography.
  2. I will strive at all times to upgrade and improve my knowledge and skills in the profession of photography and related areas.
Do hereby solemnly declare that:
  • I agree to be bound by the Constitution* and By-Laws* of the NZIPP.
  • I acknowledge that I am bound by the NZIPP Code of Ethics and recognise the authority of the NZIPP Board in all matters relating to the interpretation and enforcement of this Code, and understand that failure to comply with the ethics can result in cessation of membership and all associated privileges at the sole discretion of the NZIPP.
  • I declare that I satisfy all relevant legal requirements and possess the necessary licensing requirements to operate my business in an ethical manner. I understand that any misrepresentation of the above, including this statement can result in immediate cessation of membership, and all associated privileges.
  • I acknowledge that the onus to meet all business requirements lies solely with myself and that the NZIPP and/or its office bearers will not and can not be held responsible in relation to correct licensing for the applicant’s business.
  • The NZIPP and/or office bearers will not be held responsible for any legal responsibility in relation to the applicant’s business dealings
I solemnly declare that within the last 10 years: I have not had proceedings instituted against me for failure to pay for the supply of goods or services, other than those that have been properly defended on the basis that the same was not properly due and payable. I have read and understood the Code of Ethics, and accept the Constitution* and By-Laws* of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.

It is a constitutional requirement of NZIPP membership that Accredited Professional Photographers be ‘Persons earning an income in the professional photographic industry’.

Potentially someone who earns a dollar from photography is eligible for membership, i.e. part-time or full time, and provided their work is up to the required standard may become Accredited. The Institute recognises that it takes time to establish a network of clients so we offer the opportunity to join as a Provisional Member to learn and grow within our organisation. As a Provisional Member there is no promotional benefit, nor can you represent yourself as an NZIPP member, until you have attained NZIPP Accreditation.

As a professional body we want our members to act in a professional manner, both creatively and through best business practice, so part of the Accreditation process requires that you meet the standards set by the NZIPP.

  1. Apply to join as a NZIPP Affiliate or Regional Member
  2. Agree to be bound by the NZIPP Code of Ethics
  3. Agree to be bound by the NZIPP Constitution
  4. Agree to be bound by the NZIPP By-Laws
  5. Provide business evidence to show that you are earning an income in the professional photographic industry.
The NZIPP Constitution is accompanied by the NZIPP By-Laws and Code of Ethics which set out the rules by which the NZIPP is operated.
During the member application process a member acknowledges that they have read and agree to be bound by the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics.

The NZIPP Board may from time to time make By-Laws for the better management of the affairs of THE INSTITUTE as per the Constitution 33.1.

First founded in 1938, the NZ Institute of Professional Photography Inc is a not for profit organisation that represents the interests of professional photographers across New Zealand on issues relevant to the industry such as copyright, legal and business matters and technical developments. It cultivates friendship and mutual understanding between photographers and raises the profile of professional photography through its activities and events.

Annually NZIPP hosts INFOCUS which comprises the NZ Iris Professional Photography Awards; InFocus Conference; Gala Dinner and EXPOSURE; and the SUMMIT which comprises the Policy and Planning Council, AGM and SUMMIT Workshop. The NZIPP operational framework is through a volunteer regional network which conducts programmes, events and activities within the region; or jointly with other regions; or as a nationwide group.

By Laws Section 1 – Membership
By Laws Section 2 – Compliance
By Laws Section 3 – Regions
By Laws Section 5 – Reference

NZIPP places me within a large family of helping hands from some of the most wise, experienced and successful people in the industry. Whilst mentoring friends, I’m also mentored by friends. This makes NZIPP the backbone of my success in the photographic industry.
Richard Wood GM.NZIPP
NZIPP is the greatest support network in my personal development as a photographer. I am surrounded by friends, mentors and people that I look up to and admire. There is so much to learn and so much to give in return by being part of the NZIPP family.
Marama Shearer M.NZIPP
Education is my number one reason for being a member, the education and learning opportunities helps me further my photography skills and business learning experiences. I also enjoy entering the annual awards, as it pushes me to do better and gives me goals to work towards, which gives great personal satisfaction when you achieve your goals, and then strive for more goals.
Colleen Kiddie M.NZIPP


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