The NZIPP Distinction system supports the concept of continued professional development and improving standards within the profession of photography. It is a system that encourages members and non-members to engage, challenge themselves, and invest in their personal and professional development on an ongoing and long-term basis, through the annual Iris Professional Photography Awards.




NZIPP Distinctions are earned by achieving merit points through entering and receiving awards at the annual Iris Professional Photography Awards. When the Photographer has accrued a set number of merit points and Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, eligible members are awarded NZIPP Distinctions such as Associate of Photography, Master of Photography, Master of Photography with Distinction, or Grand Master of Photography.

Additionally after achieving each level, the photographer can earn ‘bars’. A bar is a stepping stone towards moving to the next Distinction level. Gold Bars are awarded based on further merit points and are worn on the right side of the Distinction medallion.

NZIPP Grand Master of Photography II is the highest NZIPP Distinction. Those achieving this distinction have shown a commitment to excellence in photography over a number of years through the NZIPP Iris Awards.


Only NZIPP Accredited members, and accredited members of reciprocal rights organisations (such as AIPP) can earn NZIPP Distinctions.


First name Last name Location Year Awarded GMNZIPP Year awarded GMNZIPP I Year awarded GMNZIPP II
Tony Carter New Plymouth 2010
Peter Rossi Australia 2010
Esther Bunning Featherston 2012 2019
Mike Langford Queenstown 2012 2019
Jackie Ranken Queenstown 2012 2016 2019
Kaye Davis Palmerston North 2013
Richard Wood Havelock North 2013 2017
Terry Wreford Hann Featherston 2015 2019
Kelvin Gilbert Palmerston North 2016
Mike Hollman Auckland 2016
Jason Naylor Wellington 2016
Harry Janssen Auckland 2017
Adam Buckle New Plymouth 2018
Tony Stewart Christchurch 2018
Roger Wandless Otago 2018
Janyne Fletcher Otago 2019
Katherine Williams Christchurch 2019 2019