The NZIPP Honorary Fellow is the Institute’s highest honour and is awarded sparingly. It is an honour for outstanding contribution to the image of professional photography within either the NZIPP or the community at large. The honour is by recommendation to the NZIPP Board from the Honours Council, after detailed research and consideration. The recipient receives a gong with Black ribbon, or the black ribbon is attached to the back of narrower ribbon if recipient has other awards. Should a recipient have more than two awards – the ribbon colour of first service award earned is placed on the left side with the other one on the right side – eg. Grand Master with Hon Fellow (1st service award) and Life Member (second service award) = Black wide ribbon overlaid with narrow white (GM) on left side / Maroon wide ribbon overlaid with narrow wihte (GM) on ride side of the gong. Gong used is the gong relating to distinction award.


First Name Surname City Year
Kaye Davis Tauranga 2021
Esther Bunning Wairarapa 2019
Sue Bryce US 2018
Jackie Ranken Queenstown 2017
Heather Baugh Auckland 2014
Ian Baugh Auckland 2014
Anthony McKee Australia 2013
Ans Westra Wellington 2013
John Crawford Auckland 2011
Tony Whincup Wellington 2009
Jack Reznicki America 2008
Marti Friedlander Auckland 2007
Peter Eastway Australia 2006
Mike Langford Queenstown 2006
Nick Servian Wellington 2005
Brian Curtis   2005
Andris Apse   2003
Trevor Winkworth   2002
Anne Geddes    
Robert Piccoli Australia  
Peter Bush    
Ivan McLellan Pukekohe 1986
Rowan Guthrie New Plymouth 1982
Roy Harland Charters New Plymouth 1982
Peter Vucich Auckland 1981
Brian Brake Auckland 1978
NZ National Film Unit Wellington 1973